The Municipality of Igoumenitsa commences the implementation of «Ionian's Region» project

Signed on 14/06/2019 the relevant contract for the provision of services by a specialized consultant for the Municipality of Igoumenitsa's support in the coordination and implementation of the project "Promotion of multimodal (passenger) transport and
revitalization of the railway in the Adriatic - Ionian region" with the TREDIT'S S.A.-DOTSOFT'S S.A association..

The subject of the European project is:

  • The collection of data/sources of data on passenger flows at local level from/to the Adriatic-Ionian countries,

  • The possible problems/obstacles in the case of Igoumenitsa in the project of Inter-Connect,

  • The opportunities/chances for the development of multimodal transport in the Adriatic-Ionian region.








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