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New Smart Parking project comes to the Municipality of Pella


The Municipality of Pella assigned to Dotsoft the project entitled «Supply and installation of an integrated information system for free parking spaces using underground sensors». A modern and flexible Free Parking Information System will be implemented within the project.

The feasibility and the expected benefits are:

  • Complete and anytime supervision of parking spaces 
  • Improvement of traffic conditions
  • Stimulation of commercial traffic 

  • Better coordination of the Municipal Services work

The projects that will be carried out by DOTSOFT SA are:

  • Design, development, customization and installation services of mobile information services for free parking spaces

  • Installation of information signs, underground detection sensors for parking and transponder availability and Gateways for transmitting the status of parking spaces
  • Central Platform Development for the collection, analyzation, capture the total of data from the parking system and their availability through the API
  • Back Office software for the underground sensor of management system

  • Software testing and pilot application services in real-world operating conditions and statistics compilation from its use


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